Advance Core Return Program

The ADVANCE Core Return Process



  • ADVANCE Core Return means your company receives a 40-60% discount in ADVANCE of your core part return.
  • Unprecedented in the Industry – receive essential parts quickly while avoiding costly down time. 
  • A Proven Program for 10 years.



  • Customers Receive Certified Replacement Parts Quickly in exchange for defective items at unbeatable prices.
  •  Fast Replacement of Key Parts – The Advance core return helps us anticipate your needs sooner so we can respond faster.
  • Cost Effective – Because components can be renewed, the Advance Core Return saves companies between 40-60%.


Core Return Products are

  • Major Assemblies
  • Sensors
  • PCB Boards
  • Motors
  • Power Supplies


 Simprint Advance Core Exchange Program - Policy - Agreement - Charge Athuorization Forms