End of Life Program

End of Life Program

In today’s economy companies don’t always need or can’t justify the cost of buying the latest and greatest technology. Simprint offers customers an option: Keep your equipment that is considered “end of life” by the manufacturer, get technical support, access to spare parts and consumables.

Most equipment phased out by manufacturers often has years of productive use left.  For years Simprint has helped companies continue using their equipment long after the OEM end of life expires.  We provide Frequently Used Parts for the popular OEM products.  Locate lists in our Webshop section. 


Simprint provides migration plans to purchase newer product models.  Customers can make capital expenditures when funds become available, not when manufactures end of life products.


  • Has over 23,000 parts in its extensive finished goods inventory, including hard-to-find items.
  • Supports Canon/Oce, Lasermax, Ricoh/IBM, Hunkeler, Screen, Tecnau, LaserMax, Roll Systems and Stralfors to name a few.
  • Simprint offers OEM and compatible parts and consumables that have the same life expectancy as the original manufacturers.
  • Simprint's warranty guarantee and history of delivering the same long lasting results as the OEM keeps production running smoothly.
  • Find Frequently Used Parts/Consumables lists for OEM models in the Webshop pulldown menus - shopping made easy.

Simprint understands that as print industry changes we must be more competitive and creative in finding ways to help lower customer costs. The “End of Life Program” designed to help print departments extend the life of products that OEM’s will no longer support